Should I buy a builder floor in Delhi NCR?

See buying a builder floor is a lifestyle choice. In my view People who want to live independent and want some privacy prefer low rise apartments.

When you buy a Builder Floor Apartment, you basically purchase one floor portion of an independent house which can be registered separately. Generally builder floors or independent floors are built by small builders on a small plot in a plotted residential colony. Compared to multi-storied building where there are multiple flats on a floor, builder floors offer more independence as there is generally only one housing unit on one floor. In builder floors, you don’t have to pay for common maintenance charges but at the same time you will have to take care of maintenance and security yourself. Generally, you can get more space (carpet area) in a builder floor as compared to a multi-strorey apartment, in the same amount of money.

Buyers run the gamut.

A Multi-Storey Apartment is a flat unit in a multi-storeyed building in a group housing complex, which is either developed by the government urban development agency or by a private builder. Compared to builder floors, multi-storey apartments offer better security and more common facilities. While a builder floor offers independence, a multi-storey apartment offers the advantage of community living.

I suggest that you go through this article – What is Builder Floor Apartment and Multistorey Apartment for better understanding..

I will be answering this question point wise:-

  • You will have independent life and privacy compared to high rise.
  • You will have peaceful environment as only one family can live in a single floor.
  • The USP of builder floor is low so one can live in their own house without paying hefty money as in high rise.
  • You might get high rise amenities like terrace garden, Parking, Power backup etc
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