In which sectors is it best to live in Gurgaon?

When you start looking for your next home, your priorities probably range widely, from the smallest details, such as the size of the backyard or whether the garage is attached, to more general feelings you get in a place, such as walkability and community involvement.

While many details play a part in how you enjoy where you live, one thing almost everyone has on their list: feeling safe.

A sense of security is paramount to residing happily in a community, but it can be subjective. People have different thresholds for nearby crime and necessary security measures in the same way they have differing thresholds for weather extremes.

Well, it really depends on your criteria of defining the best. I’ll assume that you are considering the rent vs the facilities..

If you are looking for less expensive places, then old Gurgaon (sectors 1 to 23 or 24) is the best. If you are looking for some of the best high-rise apartment societies then new Gurgaon (sectors 25 onwards) is the best. New Gurgaon also has some of the best malls and shopping complexes of Gurgaon. On the other hand, old gurgaon has Sadar Bazar. Please note that old and new Gurgaon are on the opposite banks of NH8 that passes through Gurgaon.
And then there are some middle options in new Gurgaon, e.g., all sushant loks, sector 56’s jal vayu towers, Dlf Phase 1,2,3, Vipul world, Malbu Town and kendriya Vihar apartments, and a few others which are both lighter on the pocket (rent-wise) as well as are equipped with better facilities than most of the other apartments..

More so than raw crime data from law enforcement departments, public opinion reflects how safe a city or metro area feels to the people who live there.

If you are looking for some of the posh apartments and budget is not an issue, then you can go for any of the apartments on the Golf Course road (covering multiple sectors in new Gurgaon). But I should warn you that the rent would fall anywhere between 35k (most basic) to a few lakhs (most posh) for these apartments. On the plus side, you’d have most of the facilities (good schools, metro, good hospitals, many malls, etc.) at a stone’s throw.
If, however, you are interested in buying your own place to live in Gurgaon, then I may not be the best of the advisory on that.
Hope it helps…

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